Once Upon A Bean.
Once Upon A Bean
they understand each other

Eva - 20 - French. Feed me with Captain Swan and I'll puke rainbows. Feel free to ask me, I'll show you ;) 95% Captain Swan, 5% OUAT.

I love answering anons, as long as they're polite :)
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Conclusion of Miriam’s interview of Colin :

  1. Colin is definitely an adorable puppy (who can actually bark very well)
  2. Colin is really humble and modest
  3. Colin is a very touching guy
  4. Colin is very loving and it’s so cute to see him with his family
  5. News flash : Colin is actually a regular guy who just happens to have become famous (no but seriously people tend to forget that too easily)
  6. Colin is a lovely human being who deserves nothing but unicorns and rainbows and love
  7. You hate on Colin and I swear I will go all Rumplestiltskin on you
  8. Colin let me hug you
  9. I swear I’ll keep my hands off your butt

Thank you for ruining our lives with your cuteness being your wonderful self and portraying Hook with so much talent.

Sincerely, a ‘hooker’ who whishes you all the best because you deserve it more than anyone else.

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