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I'm not a Captain Swan shipper or even a swan queener (used to enjoy gremma though). But I really REALLY think it's kinda weird for a strong woman like Emma to fall back in Neal's arms. Although it's logical that she still carries a torch for him, I really hope they won't come back together. I feel so awkward about the message it'll send to girls : "Don't leave a man hurting you and ruining your life, sweetie". What do you think as a captain swan shipper ?

First, thank you for coming at a CS shipper while you don’t ship it, and thanks for coming at me, I feel honored :)

I think it’d be weird too. I’d say that to me love and strength are deeply connected. And a female character falling in love is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary. Letting someone in requires a lot fo courage. But in this case, Neal is the one who broke Emma. He made her who she is now, whether in a good or in a bad way, because our experiences shape our lives. If she came back together with him… To me, there are basically 2 ways to see it :

  1. It would kind of erase what he did to her, tabula rasa, and cancel the effects on Emma like her trust issues. Symbolically at least, it’d be like undoing what happened.
  2. It would be like stepping back, as if Emma hadn’t learnt anything, and it’d be weird in terms of character development… because it would not be an evolution. It’d be more a backslide, a regression. And I don’t think the writers are heading this way. 

Now maybe that’s the CS shipper in me talking, but I think that ever since the first season, Emma’s character is breaking free from the demons of her past : the son she gave up for adoption coming back to her, her finding her parents, and finally, her getting closure. The fact that she found Neal must come down to this. They never broke up, things were left unfinished. Emma needed to meet again with him in order to move on. To close a chapter. And the writers chose to make Neal fall into a portal… This is what I call a literal closure. She said it : to her, Neal is dead. This is very symbolic. She’s moving on.

OUAT is about love. The main character must find love. But fairytales are not about harmful love, are they ? They’re about love that transcend, make you a better person like Belle did to Rumple. Not love that break you like Neal broke Emma. I think they clearly introduced Neal as a memory, a part of Emma’s past. And having him sucked out from the main action, away from Emma is a way to free her from this ghost.

I digressed, didn’t I ? To answer more clearly, I think that, indeed, it’d be more than weird to make Emma fall back into Neal’s arms.

  1. It’d be too cliché and classical don’t you think ?
  2. She has not come all this way to backslide. It’d be against all logic/character evolution.
  3. She needs a beautiful love story that would transform her, transcend her. Getting back with the man who hurt her then…?
  4. The writers like original stuff. What would be original is making the hero fall for an anti-hero. The Savior and Captain Hook ? That would be unexpected and very interesting to develop.
  5. Emma fucking Swan does not make the same mistake twice

I’m not pretending I know what the writers have in mind… But to me, having Emma and Neal getting back together would be above all illogical and it would close so many interesting doors ! I think that Emma and Hook complete each other. I don’t see that in Swanfire. But again, this is the CS shipper speaking… But you wanted a CSer opinion right ? :)

I hope I answered your question !

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