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I’m DONE with my competitive exam. Jeez, 33 hours of exams in 6 days, that was really harsh. But I did it, and I think the last part (today, english prose) went pretty well.

So now I’m on break till May the 14th and even afterwards, I will only have 3 days of class a week. As a consequence, let’s say that from now on, I AM ALL YOURS, READY TO GIVE MY SOUL TO THIS TAG (who am I kidding, even during this crazy week my soul belonged to this tag, FOREVER).

Which means :

  • More silly edits and chats (if I’m inspired)
  • More theories and symbolism (the great great material is coming)
  • Feel free to message me anytime to chat about… anything !
  • Dear anons, I’ll answer all your questions, so feel free to share your thoughts, theories, feelings etc… As long as you ask me nicely (and that you do not send me hate, needless to say), I’ll be glad to answer you !

It’s so good to be back. Free to stay here without feeling guilty because you have to work you know.

I love my life right now.

  1. ofpiratesandsaviors said: YAAAAAAY CONGRATS EVA <3
  2. youseetherealme said: Welcome back! How about the test?
  4. a-swan-with-a-hook said: Welcome back to life…;D
  5. carmi-believes-in-love said: Yaaaay!! First of all, I’m so glad your exam went well!! And second of all, so glad you’re back Eva because I’ve really missed you! *huggles*
  6. millyhidesswans said: Welcome back sweety!! You are gonna killian’d us all!! *hugs*
  7. lost-neverlander said: Good for you!!! <3
  8. itoldyouweweregettingalong said: Felicitations Eva! I’m sure you did great!
  9. wickedevilsass said: Congrats on being done, sweetheart! :* I hope you’ll have good results! I’ll be on break from 5th to 13th, so I’ll message you sometime then!
  10. ourbeloved-captain said: Congrats, Eva! :) And WELCOME BACK! <3 I MISSED SEEING YOUR POSTS ON MY DASH
  11. babeisontherun said: Congrats dear! SO SO SO HAPPY you’re back!
  12. lady-silverblood said: Yay! Congratulations! <3
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