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I love answering anons, as long as they're polite :)
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Okay I am so sorry for putting this here but honestly I’m kind of pissed right now. So I figured I could share this with you.

I received this message like 5 minutes ago, I just answered it. I don’t know whether this is a joke or not… But whatever. The person concerned might see this post, I don’t care. I consider I answered him in a civil way even though I could’ve been more… sassy, considering the tone he used in his message. I do not appreciate the scorn in it and all the sarcasm.

If this is some kind of revenge for the post I did about Vancity… This is low. And I don’t regret anything, because, once again, this post was not rude, I just wrote what a lot of people think. We respect the actors, we are willing to respect everyone. Everyone who deserves to be respected. But treating people badly does not make people want to respect you.

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  2. colormymemory said: Vancity needs to get a fucking clue. Ugh
  3. bluesnogbox said: U go girl! <3333 *HUGS*
  4. wickedevilsass said: Your answer is civil and polite. And moreover, it’s honest. And you’re right this is low. And doesn’t make much sense to me, to be frank. Doesn’t the guy have anything better to do?..
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