Once Upon A Bean.
Once Upon A Bean
they understand each other

Eva - 20 - French. Feed me with Captain Swan and I'll puke rainbows. Feel free to ask me, I'll show you ;) 95% Captain Swan, 5% OUAT.

I love answering anons, as long as they're polite :)
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We have a funny expression in French to define what’s above. “Faire des yeux de merlan frit”. Basically he’s so making sheep’s eyes at her here. THIS is a guy who’s not even trying anymore, who’s totally fallen for the Swan girl. And I am crey.

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  10. carmi-believes-in-love said: Yes he totally does, and as Rocío already said in Spanish we say “poner ojos de cordero” and I totally agree on calling him “little lovesick sheep” or something like that, LOL =P
  11. niniadepapa said: in spanish it’s “poner ojos de cordero” and it has the same meaning… CAN HE CALL HIM OUR LITTLE SHEEP?!
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