Once Upon A Bean.
Once Upon A Bean
they understand each other
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Eva - 20 - French. Feed me with Captain Swan and I'll puke rainbows. Feel free to ask me, I'll show you ;) 95% Captain Swan, 5% OUAT.

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make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: hook or and emma

Do you still love her? Yes.

I swear on Emma Swan

Ancient proverb that spelled the death of CSers everywhere


you are the guy who stole my heart
i am the girl you’re always  f i g h t i n g  for

 notdonewithyou asked:
Hey Eva <3 that manip you just reblogged is a repost. Ashley (captainswanouat) originally posted it. It's the first post in her manip tag if you want to reblog the original. I know she would appreciate it.

Oh hey there! Thanks a lot for warning me, I had no idea it was a repost. I’ll go check her blog then ;) Thanks again!

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Let’s see how many people are in our ship!


the most beautiful & painful scene ever :’)


admit it, for every CS shipper JMo’s interview is life







This woman… that broke your heart. Do you still love her?


Then swear to me on her name. 

I swear on Emma Swan.

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I realize I need more blogs to follow. So if you like Captain Swan or just ouat in general..

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